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Why is your computer slow? It's dirty! But now you can clean it up...without screwing it up. All
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22 February 2007

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Clean up unwanted and dangerous clutter from your computer with WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp.
Many a times your system slows down, this may be due to the clutter of unwanted junk files, broken shortcuts, rather we can say the dirt. This tool optimizes your system, cleans it and even protects it with solid privacy protection. It allows you to permanently destroy all deleted files as you clean them. This tool can automatically scan your PCs hard disks, once the scan is finished it shows you all the items it found and the space you can free up as well as errors you can correct. Now there is no problem with stubborn and hard to remove programs because it forcefully removes the application, even if the uninstaller is corrupt or missing. This powerful tool is efficient in fixing startup errors and optimizing your Windows Registry. Moreover you also have the option to restore all or any part of the clean-up. The product is provided with auto update and upgrade.
Since 1998 Win cleaner is dedicate in providing its customers with safe, reliable, and fully supported software.

Publisher's description

Optimizes, Cleans and Protects (U.S. Department of Defense Standards!)
Unwanted and even dangerous clutter from daily use and Internet surfing builds up over time. This takes up drive space and tracks your Web-browsing habits, leaving a trail for anyone to see. With WinCleaner One-Click Cleanup, you can safely remove junk files, broken shortcuts, Internet clutter. And it includes one of the best Registry Problem Solver and Optimizer you can get. Save your money, don't buy separate programs to do the dozen or more maintenance chores that WinCleaner will do for you automatically. You will notice quicker startups and faster surfing with the benefit of solid privacy protection all in one package that will save you time and money.
Cleans even the dirtiest PC! Fixes annoying startup errors.
Now you can get rid of those frustrating, unwanted applications that the Windows "Add/Remove" feature won't work on. WinCleaner One-Click CleanUp includes an univeral uninstaller that safely removes stubborn applications and all the space-hogging files they left behind. Best of all, it fixes startup errors and optimizes your Windows Registry. Customers have been trusting WinCleaner for all their tough cleaning chores since 1998!
Don't take a chance with ordinary cleaning software. WinCleaner is a brand that stands for safe, reliable, and fully supported software value. After a decade of development, WinCleaner is a proven and safe choice for all your PC Cleaning needs.
WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp
WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp
Version 10.45
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Great product. Everone with a computer needs this to keep their computer working as good as new.
Great for keeping computer in top running con
This program is very easy to use. Does a complete maintenance job and it really did boost the speed of my computer. I would recommend that you try it.
This is one great utility that all Windows users should have. I would say that am a moderate computer user and I mostly use the computer for surfing the Internet. So I needed something that would allow me to continue to use my computer at top speed - the faster the better. I tried WinCleaner and it fixed errors and cleaned up more junk on my computer than I could have imagined was on there. And it really did help speed up my computer. Now I use it once a week and it keeps my PC humming like new!
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